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Zekes Justice League Services is based in Bakersfield and is managed by Zekes Mobile Multi-Services LLC.

Are you looking for a fast Process Server in Bakersfield to serve your Legal Documents? You’ve come to the right place.

Zekes Justice League Services takes pride in each service to build lasting relationships with my clients. Whether you have one service, or you’re a Law Firm that needs many documents to be served, I value each and every Service.

Zekes Justice League Services is a local process service company that serves Bakersfield California and all surrounding communities in Kern County and also serve other areas beyond Kern County.

It is my mission to serve your important documents in the most time and cost effective manner.


A process server’s main job is to deliver legal documents to an individual or party named in the action. The purpose of process service is to place the party on notice that an action has begun or that a relevant document has been filed in the case.

Some documents in a legal action must be served in a specific manner.
For example, a document may require that the process server personally serves the individual. Personal service is generally accomplished by identifying the person and handing the person the document.


Process Servers Have Permission to Serve you at Work?

In short, yes, process servers can legally serve employees and employers at their place of work. Process Servers don't need to get your permission to deliver that service. Most people find receiving services to be embarrassing due to it usually being about bad news.

As a Process Server, I will only make an attempt to serve someone at work as a last resort. I have no interest in seeing harm come to them, but only to hand off papers. The longer it takes for them to get papers, the worse legal issues you will typically have. If I’m unable to hand off the papers at your work, the court may approve to publish their service in a newspaper or online - that’s much more embarrassing for them for everyone to see.

Breaking and Entering is Illegal:

Most process servers begin personal service by attempting to serve the person at their home. In most cases, the process server is not trespassing unless the process server unlocks a locked gate.


Let you know that I'm not affiliated with the Kern County Sheriffs Department or any Law Enforcement Agency. But If you would rather use the local Law Enforcement Agency to handle and to serve your legal documents, you have the right to do that.

But if you do decide to use and hire my services, I'll travel to your home, your place of business or meet you at a local coffee shop near you.

For a nominal fee, I'll travel to Delano, McFarland, Tehachapi, Frazier Park, Taft or Tehachapi. 

Or you can submit your documents by email to me.




Process Service

Residential, Business, County Jails and Prisons

Process Services includes up to 3 attempts within

7 Days and 1st attempt within 24 hours.

  • Additional Fees For Additional Defendants...
  • Additional Travel Fees If I Have To Travel Outside The City Limits of Bakersfield...
  • Additional Service Fees For  After Hours Services,
  • Additional Service Fees For  Early Morning Hours, Weekends and Holidays...
  • For Additional Fees And Services, See Below...



  • 1st Party: I will travel within the city limits of Bakersfield or travel to other outside communities of Kern County, plus I will fill out my part and sign Affidavit of Service - Proof of Service and return to you or E-file.
  • Additional Fee to Serve Additional Party(ies) and or Defendant(s) at same address or different addresses.
  • Additional Fees if services are required to travel outside the city limits of Bakersfield, Emergency After Hours, Weekends and/or Holidays

- Emergency Hours Services (9:00pm - 6:00am)

- Weekends - Saturday and Sunday

- Holidays

Services that needs to be done under urgent conditions or other circumstance that fall outside of the regular normal standard service of process services fee schedule. 
Extra fees will be charged...

  • Prison/Jail Serves:  I will Quote You; Quoted Fee includes Travel to Prison/Jail Facility, one (1) hour of Walking Time, Waiting Time and E-file or mail you back the Proof of Service Form
  • Temporary/Restraining Order(s): I will quote you; Quote Includes Process Serving to individual(s), travel and E-file or  mail you the Proof of Service to you. Serving Restraining Orders can be dangerous when issuing to individuals. Additional Fee if I have to travel beyond the City Limits of Bakersfield
  • Difficult Serves/Evaders/Stake-Outs: I will wait one (1) hour on each attempt of the 3 attempts. After the 3rd attempt, I will get with you and with your approval. I will attempt and do STAKE-OUTS.... Honest attempts will be made to serve your court documents.
  • Stake-outs: Each additional STAKE-OUTS are $25.00 an hour which includes video service of the Respondent(s) being issued the legal documents.
  • EvaderAn "evasive defendant" is an individual or entity that wilfully behaves in a way that will hinder the ability of the process server to serve process on that individual or entity easily or in a timely manner. Sometimes evasive defendants may effectively evade process service by building a barrier of circumstances, actions and decisions that practically leave the process server powerless from serving your legal documents.

    This service/fee is only reserved for the person(s) who knows they are about to be served and will attempt to avoid the process server and 'personal service' must be made upon the individual. Waiting at the Respondent(s) home, work, or other often visited location of whomever you need me to serve papers. Surveillance done as necessary to accurately understand the situation.

  • Skip Trace Service $45.00/per Defendant Search - This is for our skip tracing service. If a defendant has moved or you are not sure where a defendant is living, you can use our service to help locate the most recent address associated with their name. Price is per defedant. To help us produce the most accurate search result, we ask that you provide either Age, Date of Birth, Social Security number, or prior address of subject. ***Skip Trace fee is for search, not based on results.
  • 3/30/60 Each Notice(s) Served and or Posting
  • Document Printing and/or Fax: $.50 per page
  • Return your Proof of Service E-file to courts or Mail by USPS
  • Travel Fee Trip to Court House to Sign Paperwork - Not my fault (Same Departmental Court House) $25.00
  • Court/Hearing/Interview Appearances Fee: Waiting Time - fee starts as soon arriving at Court House/Office and finish with testimony/Interview for the day: $25/per hour
  • Courier Services $35/per hour
  • Extra Travel Fees Beyond the city limits of Bakersfield, Mountain/Desert Areas and other Counties


Body Cameras while Process Serving

Zekes Justice League Services uses body cameras while process serving to discourage anyone from reporting that they were not served. This saves the client money on not having to pay for unnecessary court appearances. 

I have a high success rate in serving individuals. Give me a call so I can handle your service of process needs and put you at ease knowing that the job will get done.





Types of Legal Documents I’ll Deliver and Serve for You

I’ll deliver a variety of legal documents to include:

  • Subpoenas
  •  Orders
  • Summons and Complaint
  • Citation Serving
  •  Complaints
  • Motion Serving
  • Divorce Papers
  • Witnesses
  • Defendants
  • Respondents
  • Small Claims Documents
  • Foreclosure Action
  •  Small Claims
  • Debtor / Collection Letters
  •  Demand Notices
  •  Evictions
  •  3/30/60 Notice / Postings


Fees That Are Due By The Courts: Witness Fees, Processing Fees, Recording Fees, Copying Fees and Court Filing Fees:

Kern County Superior Court Fees


In California, “Registered Process Servers” are granted “…a limited exemption against trespassing in gated communities.” This allows servers to enter a private property for a reasonable period of time to attempt service of process. In California, gated communities which are “…staffed by a security guard, or where access is controlled, must allow a Registered Process Server to enter for service of process upon presenting valid identification, and indicating to which address the process server is going.” § 415.21 Access to gated communities.

All attempts will be made to locate and serve the respondent. I will give you a report of all attempts made to locate and serve the other party: including dates, times and addresses I went to in an attempt to find the respondent. 

Make sure to get his/her correct current living address and work address. Including address of individuals he/she may have close ties with.


Does the US law prohibit a person from tracking someone without the consent? (Grey Area)


Penal Code §637.7.

(a) No person or entity in this state shall use an electronic tracking device to determine the location or movement of a person.

(b) This section shall not apply when the registered owner, lessor, or lessee of a vehicle has consented to the use of the electronic tracking device with respect to that vehicle.

(c) This section shall not apply to the lawful use of an electronic tracking device by a law enforcement agency.

(d) As used in this section, “electronic tracking device” means any device attached to a vehicle or other movable thing that reveals its location or movement by the transmission of electronic signals.

(e) A violation of this section is a misdemeanor.


Notary service is required for a wide range of document signing includin
Signature & Name Affidavits
Health Insurance
Divorce Agreements
D.N.R Documents
Advance Health Care Directives
Living Wills
Minor Healthcare Consents
Financial & Legal Documents
Visa & Passport document

Forms of payments accepted: 

  • Cash (Sorry, I do not carry any money on me, if you expect change),
  • Business/Corporate Checks and
  • Major Credit Cards accepted
  • Pay Apps


Additional fees (fees subject to change):
All mobile appointments will incur a travel fee that is agreed upon prior to scheduling an appointment. ($30.00 within Bakersfield city limits).                                        Additional mileage outside Bakersfield city limits - ($30.00 travel fee plus $1.25 per mile beyond Bakersfield city limits-Round Trip)
Travel Fee is still due and payable if signing does not occur for any reason when Notary arrives/or if signing is cancelled 30 minutes or less prior to scheduled appointment.
"Wait Time Fee" - After 15 minutes, $15.00 ($15.00 for every additional 15 minutes)
"After Hours Fee"  (8pm - 8am) -$50.00
"Short notice / last minute" signing - No Additional Charge!
Confidential Marriage License $80.00



No one can guarantee service. I WILL ensure that EVERY effort to complete your request will be made within the timeframes listed above. Every effort will be made to complete your order; I cannot guarantee service since each situation is different and unique.


Please Do Not ask me what you should do. You pay me for my services to Serve Legal Documents to person or persons you need to take to court.
You need advise, please call an attorney because I’m no attorney. 


process agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served. In the US, the role is generally a requirement of US State law and is known as a registered agent, a resident agent or statutory agent. However, process agents are utilized in the US by truck driversbrokers or freight forwarders[1] for similar purposes. Process agents that provide nationwide coverage for motor carriers are commonly referred to as blanket agents.