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Kern Valley State Prison Wedding Services

If you are wanting to get married at Kern Valley State Prison that is located at Delano, Ca. You will need to tell your fiancé to put in a Inmate Request to the Wedding Coordinator (CHRISTINA MONTEZ - Central Operations Office Tech.) there at KVSP.
Both of you will need to complete any paperwork required by the prison. Many prisons require a packet (request to get married) to be completed by both potential spouses before granting permission for the wedding to take place. Birth certificates for both of you will be needed to complete the wedding packet. This process will take several months to process before a wedding date can be scheduled.
A majority of state prisons in California have their own ministers to conduct wedding ceremonies. I am authorized and cleared to conduct wedding ceremonies there at KVSP. 

If you have questions about getting married at any other prison, check with the Wedding Coordinator at that prison. 

Domestic Partnership

If you are wanting information about Declaration Domestic Partnership/Notary Services for you and an inmate that is housed at Kern Valley State Prison. The inmate will have a CDCR State Identification that matches the name on the document that you need signed and/or notarized. If the inmate is under a AKA, I cannot and will not be able to identify the inmate with his real name. Only unless you have his/her Non-Expired State issue ID that has his real name. A lot of the times the jail does not have the full legal name of the inmate on their wristband and the notary has no computer access to such information. If this is the case, the notary would have to decline to notarize if the two do not match. 

Click on this link for information about Domestic Partnership and please the entire information and contract on the link I’m sending you: 
(If the Form does not load, your settings are set to restrict Pop-Ups). 
*Go to "SETTINGS" on your phone
*Scroll down and Click on "SAFARI"
*Scroll down to "BLOCK POP UPS" and Turn Off.
Example of Completed Domestic Partnership Forms Received By The Secretary of California Once They Are Received and Recorded. 
If you have questions or some concerns about Domestic Partnership. You can contact the Secretary of State in Sacramento: 
Domestic Partners Registry 
P.O. Box 942870 
Sacramento, CA 94277–2870
Office Hours;
Monday through Friday 
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.excluding state holidays https://www.sos.ca.gov/state-holidays/
Sacramento Office; 
1500 11th Street, 2nd Floor 
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-3984