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Translation Services

If you require a document to be translated (sometimes requiring notarization) for government (immigration, education, etc.) and/or commercial purposes, you will be required to get a certified translator to translate such document(s) in Bakersfield.

There are agency’s that provide translation services to a variety of Bakersfield individuals and organizations. 

In some circumstances, the documentation being certified must bear the official seal of a duly accredited translator. In other instances, translated documents must be notarized or accompanied by a sworn statement.

I attached a link to Translation Services that are within the city limits of Bakersfield.

Certified Translation Services In Bakersfield


Quote/Fees are calculated for services to be performed and the following expenses are considered: The time it takes to travel to location, the fuel used, vehicle insurance, vehicle wear and tear, Bond Insurance, courier fees, advertising and other expenses related to operating a business. All Quote/Fees are agreed upon in advance and will not change unless additional services are required.
I will come to you or meet at an agreed location.