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Process Server Mentorship

One-on-One Process Server Agent Training and Mentorship - $200

There are various skill sets that go into being a successful process server. You have to have good people skills, a solid knowledge of the law, and patience for when a job goes sideways. Plus you have to know how to maintain and market a business.

When regulations change, you will need to know where to look. When a defendant or defendants refuses to accept the court documents, you will need to know what actions to take. When it comes time to finding and advertising to potential clients or get seen by attorneys, they know how to get your name out there.
You will know what Bonds and paperwork requirements you will need to be a Certified Process Server.

For many people, their only knowledge of process servers is what they have seen on TV and in movies. The 2008 movie PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (https://youtu.be/brOKmd-t0Ksbrought process serving into the mainstream, but unfortunately, it didn’t really communicate exactly what a process server does and the purpose of their job. Process servers play a critical role in the legal justice system, and there may come a day when you need to hire one.

The process server essentially upholds an individual’s right to due process, which is a constitutional right. By properly notifying an individual, a process server is upholding the rights afforded to every American by the United States Constitution.

When a process server notifies an individual of their impending court date, they provide them with the legal documents about the court case in which they are involved. A process server must record when and where the individual was provided notice in a separate document. This document is also a critical component of service of process. When an individual has been given proper notice of the legal proceedings — meaning when the individual has been “served” properly in accordance with state laws— the process server must provide a document that serves as evidence that this occurred. This document is called a service affidavit, which is notarized and is used in court. Many people in the industry also refer to this same document as a proof of service or return of service.

A process server can serve a number of different court documents, but most commonly a process server will serve a summons and complaint. A summons is essentially an official notice of a lawsuit. The complaint describes the legal proceedings that are being brought forth to a court. Another court document that could be served is a subpoena, which is a legal document that typically requests documents or evidence for a court case. A subpoena could also require an individual to attend court, such as an expert witness. Other documents could include writs, which is a legal order, or other legal documents.

  • 2 Hours of One-on-One Mentor Training
  • Gaining new and direct clientele (Law firms, Private Citizens, Companies and Corporations, etc)
  • You will be provided with strategies for resources, automation ideas, and the ‘know-how’ you need to feel confident going forward!

Important Note: This is NOT an accredited program, this serves as a mentorship class to help you grow in confidence and find insights for you process server business. 

Forms of payments accepted: 

  • Cash (Sorry, I do not carry any money on me, if you expect change),
  • Business/Corporate Checks and
  • Major Credit Cards accepted
  • Pay Apps