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Signing Loan Notary Agent




I am Licensed, Bonded with E&O Insurance & Background Check

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I'll come to you (Home, Office or Coffee Shop) if you had your Loan Document(s) delivered to you and you require a Notary Signing Agent.

  • Standard Loan Documents 
  • Second Mortgage/Piggy-back Loan 
  • Easement 
  • Reverse Mortgage Documents 
  • Refinance Loan Documents
  • REO Purchasing Documents
  • Commercial Loan
  • Construntion Loan
  • Deed in Lieu Foreclosure Documents
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Documents
  • Loan Modification Documents
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • Keep My Home
  • E-Docs (Printing of Loan Docs plus Notarized Signatures Loan Docs - Varies)
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Grant Deeds 
  • TOD


Mortage Loan Docs That Require Notary Signatures: 

  • Settlement Statement 
  • Notice of Right to Cancel
  • Deed of Trust or Mortgage
  • Promissory Note or Real Estate Note
  • Initial Escrow Disclosure
  • Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement
  • Affidavit of Debts and Liens

Refinanace Loan:

  • Deed of Trust
  • Signature Name Affidavit
  • Affidavit of Occupancy
  • Compliance Agreement
  • Signature Name Affidavit
  • Certification Of Trust
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Occupancy Affidavit Status



  • $200.00 Notarize FIRST SET of loan documents. First set of Loan Docs, up to 2 borrowers and up to 14 notarized signatures. (Travel within city limits of Bakersfield, Notarized Signatures, Scan and Email Documents) (Additional Fee to Print Loan Docs)
  • $75.00 for Each Additional Loan Signer For Each Loan Document
  • $125.00 Additional set of printed Loan Documents at same signing, up to 2 borrowers and up to 14 notarized signatures.
  • $25per Set - Printing E-Docs (No Signatures)
  • $25 to $100per Set - Print Additional set of Loan Documents- Depends on size of packet (No Signatures)
  • I will package and ship your Document for you for a fee, plus carrier cost or I will take them to FedEx, UPS or USPS for FREE if you provide me with a PRE-PAID shipping label by email.
  • $10per Set - Scan and Email Finished Documents 
  • Re-Schedule Signing (Varies)
  • Cancel - No Show - No Sign (1/2 Service Fee)
  • After Hours Notary -  8:00pm - 8:00am (Fees Varies)
  •  Weekend Notary Services
  • Signature Loan Documents at Lerdo County Jail and Local State Prisons (Varies)
  • Travel Fees: trip fee beyond the city limits of Bakersfield (Varies)


***Remember that per signature means per signer, per document. So two (2) signers on the same document is two (2) signatures, and it is NOT how many times the notary is required to sign or stamp***

Regarding Fees: 
Fees are calculated with the following expenses considered: The Notary's time it takes to travel to location, fuel, vehicle insurance, vehicle wear/tear, E&O Insurance, courier fees (when applicable), advertising and other expenses related to operating a business. All fees are agreed upon in advance and will not change unless additional services are required. I will come to you or meet at an agreed upon location.

Notary Fees + Travel Fees 

After Hrs. Fees (if applicable) = Total Cost



0 Miles

Bakersfield City Limits

1 to 20 Miles

Shafter, Wasco, Famoso, Fuller Acres, Lamont, Arvin and Weedpatch

21 to 30 Miles              

Delano, Taft, McFarland, Five Dog Range and Buttonwillow

31 to 40 Miles

Allensworth, Richgrove, 

Earlimart, Lost Hills, Maricopa, Frazier Park and Tehachapi

41 plus miles 

All Towns and Country Areas beyond 

41 miles

Additional Fee - Drop Off Documents At

Shipping Center And I’ll Mail Document(s)

For You Once Notary Services Is Completed:

Document(s) will be shipped via USPS.

Once transaction is completed, I will text you the 

Tracking Number of your package

Prices vary on Distance, Location and Urgency of Document(s)



The document signer(s) must be PHYSICALLY PRESENT before the notary. An essential element of the notarial act is personal, face-to-face communication between the document signer and the notary. This is necessary for the notary to assess the signer’s comprehension of the transaction and willingness to sign, to help ensure that neither coercion nor fraud are present, and to administer the required verbal ceremony. Physical presence of the signer is so important that notaries who fail to require it can be charged with a crime and punished.


  • I work directly for you. There is no signing service company between us relaying messages back and forth or causing delays. I work hard to build lasting relationahips with the professionals I work with. When I become familiar with your needs, you soon learn to expect and rely on the consistency and quality I pride my work on.

Please allow at least 2 hours for your loan signing:
  • Signings typically take no more than 2 hours for review of loan terms and the signing through of all the documents. It is best to clear your schedule a bit longer to ensure everything is done correctly. The banks have a lot of conditions that needs to be met. Give your notary some time to set up, sign at a moderate pace, and let your notary check everything properly afterward.
If applicable, have your closing check ready on notary's arrival:
  • If your loan or escrow officer has indicated a check will need to be collected for the escrow closing, please have it ready for the notary at the time of the appointment. Please make sure that the check is payable to either your loan company or escrow company. If you don't know, call and ask you loan or escrow officer.
Bank signing conditions within your loan documents:
  • The banks have implemented tight funding conditions. They've implemented instructions within your loan that have you "sign your name exactly as it appears on the documents", "initial legibly and date clearly", and "do not strike-through". You must follow these instruction or find that not complying with these conditions typically results in a redraw of documents, an additional package signing, and a lot more money and time wasted.
Some things about me:
  • California Secretary of State-commissioned to protect public from fraud
  • Member of the National Notary Association
  • Background screened (NNA Background Screened)
  • Covered by E&O Coverage of $100,000
  • Accessible by email, text, mobile phone, mail delivery and fax
  • Retrieving and printing documents on a Laser Jet Printer




Forms of payments accepted: 

  • Cash (Sorry, I do not carry any money on me, if you expect change back - Covid 19),
  • Business/Corporate Checks and
  • Major Credit Cards accepted

$25.00 for NSF Return Checks

LEGAL STATEMENT: I DO NOT offer legal advice of any sort regarding your paperwork, so please don't put me in that awkward position of having to disappoint you. California notaries public are prohibited from performing any duties that may be construed as the practice of law. Among the acts which constitute the practice of law are the preparation, drafting, or selection of California Notarized Certificate(s) or determination of the kind of any legal document(s), or giving advice in relation to any legal documents or matters. If asked to perform such tasks, a California notary public should decline and refer the requester to an attorney.


Quote/Fees are calculated for services to be performed and the following expenses are considered: The time it takes to travel to location, the fuel used, vehicle insurance, vehicle wear and tear, Bond Insurance, courier fees, advertising and other expenses related to operating a business. All Quote/Fees are agreed upon in advance and will not change unless additional services are required.
I will come to you or meet at an agreed location.


A Notary signing agent is a Notary who is specially trained to handle and notarize loan documents. For lenders, Notary signing agents are the critical final link to complete the loan. A Notary signing agent is hired as an independent contractor to ensure that real estate loan documents are executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing on time. Completing this critical part of the loan process enables the loan to be funded