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Courier Court Filing | Document Retrieval | Bakersfield

Court Filing, Court Document Retrieval Services based in Bakersfield by Zekes Mobile Multi-Services LLC is ready to work with you, just simply call me at (833) 683-4637 and I will arrange to come to your location, pickup your court paperwork and make sure that it gets to court. When you need a service, you can trust Zekes Mobile Multi-Service. When you dont have time to run to the courthouse yourself, Zekes Mobile Multi-Services will do the job for you.

Even if your law firm isnt local or out of state, Zekes Mobile Multi-Service LLC will take your documents to the courthouse and file the papers for you and return your documents back to you. I will get the job done for you and on time.

When you hire my services, all County Court Filing Fees must be paid up front (Cash/Company Check/Credit Card) and in full, plus my court run service fees plus mailing your documents back to you via USPS PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS.
Additional service/travel fees, if I have to travel outside the city limits of Bakersfield to file court papers on your behave.

Court Filing Fees:


Standard Service (Attempt in 24hours of Request)

$50/per Court House Run + Court Filing Fees + Mail Documents USPS PRIORITY MAIL (EXPRESS) = Total Cost

  • Additional Fee(s) for Trips to Court(s) to complete assignment
  • Additional Travel/Service Fees Beyond the City Limits of Bakersfield
  • Additional Fee to mail Documents


Fees That Are Due By The Courts: Witness Fees, Processing Fees, Recording Fees, Copying Fees and Court Filing Fees:


All fees advanced over $50.00 will incur a 15% charge fee


Kern County Superior Court Fees


Process Servers handle and fill out legal documents daily, so I am familiar with sensitive legal information. I provide confidential services while serving papers and do not expose personal details. Since I do not openly discuss cases that I serve papers for, I am already more trustworthy to handle your courier service needs.

I will file documents with the local court and If there is a problem with your filing, you will immediately receive a call from me. I take rejections very seriously and will do everything I can do to assist you in correcting the problem.

You can also add Process Service to your Court Filing order. I will serve the documents, video tape the services and return your Proof of Service
Legal papers are usually served on the first or second time, but I will make up to four (4) attempts to serve your paperwork. 
Additional attempts 5 or more due to Respondent evading me from being served, will be discussed with you.


  • Process Service; Additional travel fee if I have to travel outside the city limits of Bakersfield.
  • Additional Process Server Attempts: $45per visit plus Service/Travel Fees after 4 failed attempts

I will provide you a copy of the Proof of Service with receipt/invoice of payment for services.


  • Summon and complaint
  • Proof of Services
  • Petitions
  • Answers
  • Motion and proposed order
  • Default
  • Dismissals
  • Small Claims
  • Civil
  • Family Law
  • Unlawful Detainer

Court Document Retrieval Service:

Zekes Mobile Multi-Services delivers courtesy copies to the court, judge or person of your choice, and file documents at any government or court location. Retrieve court copies of judgements, final dispositions and any other recorded documents, obtain certified copies of court documents, obtain docket sheets, pick up, file and or deliver of legal documents, correspondence, letters, exhibits and files from any location to any courthouse or from any courthouse to any location, retrieve copies of law suits.

I will diligently work on your request and get you the documents you need as soon as possible. 
The length to retrieve your case file(s), depends upon several factors – the court where these documents are located, the size of the file and the condition of the file. 

Many court document requests are fulfilled within 1 to 10 working days: Depending on the requested Case File or Case Files being requested and if the Case File(s) are within the system or archived without being scanned.

There are many different procedures, rules, and guidelines when requesting a document(s) from the courts because each court has its own set of requirements. As well every document retrieval request is unique, and there are several factors that influence the price.

Similarly, documents that require same-day retrieval and overnight delivery will cost more than standard requests. Almost all government agencies that furnish documents charge three kinds of fees; a fee for the documents to be retrieve from archive, a fee per page, and a fee for certification or exemplification of the documents.

Email me your list of Case File(s) that you requesting for and once I receive it I will travel to the Court House(s) and get the total pages for each Case File. Each Case File(s) can range from 5 pages up to 700 pages. 

I will call and advise you my total quote and if you hire my services, I will invoice you for my services.




  • Additional Travel Fee(s) for Trips to Court House(s) to complete assignment
  • Additional Travel/Service Fees Beyond the City Limits of Bakersfield
  • Additional Fee to Mail Documents
  • Photo Copy Fees (Varies)
  • All fees advanced over $50.00 will incur a 10% charge fee

Kern County Courts:

Metropolitan Division


1415 Truxtun Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93301

Metro. Division – Justice Building


1215 Truxtun Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93301

Metro. Traffic Division


3131 Arrow St.

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Jury Services


1661 L Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301

Juvenile Justice Center


2100 College Ave.

Bakersfield, CA 93306

Arvin/Lamont Branch


12022 Main St.

Lamont, CA 93241

Delano/McFarland Branch

1122 Jefferson St.

Delano, CA 93215

Kern River Branch

7046 Lake Isabella Blvd.

Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Mojave Branch

1773 Hwy 58

Mojave, CA 93501

Ridgecrest Branch

132 East Coso St.

Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Shafter/Wasco Branch

325 Central Valley  Hwy.

Shafter, CA 93263

Taft/Maricopa Branch

 311 Lincoln St.

Taft, CA 93268


Forms of payments accepted: 

  • Cash (Sorry, I do not carry any money on me, if you expect change back - Covid 19),
  • Business/Corporate Checks and
  • Major Credit Cards accepted

$25.00 for NSF Return Checks


There will be a Processing Payment Charge/Fee 5%

ALL money is NON-REFUNDABLE if the paperwork is rejected due to forms missing or missing information missing on the complaint or other forms that the client may have prepared on their own.


Quote/Fees are calculated for services to be performed and the following expenses are considered: The time it takes to travel to location, the fuel used, vehicle insurance, vehicle wear and tear, Bond Insurance, courier fees, advertising and other expenses related to operating a business. All Quote/Fees are agreed upon in advance and will not change unless additional services are required.
I will come to you or meet at an agreed location.